There are few words that strike as much fear into the hearts and souls of women, than the word “Cancer”.  Whether its your own diagnosis that makes you lie awake at night fearing for the future of your children or learning of your spouse’s diagnosis, or the emotionally draining turmoil of witnessing a loved one’s decline – Cancer is that thief in the night that robs us of the life we knew and of the myth that we are remotely in control.


I’ve come to find, there is a space between the life we live and the dreams we leave behind.  And before we can heal that space between, and reconnect to the wholeness inside, we must first move through the wreckage.  The numbness that is often experienced upon first learning of a cancer diagnosis.  The grief, that comes in waves as you move through diagnosis and treatment.  The aftermath for survivors, that hails so many complicated and mixed emotions, from relief to yet unfelt grief once it appears the worst has passed.  Or preparing with one’s family for good bye.  Living in the space between, embracing life on life’s terms, and finding one’s way through it all requires courage that you don’t want to have. 

I understand from my own Cancer journeys and know I can help you find your way back to wholeness, your way back to the authentic, resilient you. Call Today 714 334 2457


Sometimes well meaning friends or family, or even physicians would like to help survivors feel better about what we’ve sacrificed or lost to cancer – such as trying to help a survivor get excited or at least less scared about the prospect of treatment and surgery. For example, telling you how great you’ll look in a swimsuit next summer… But as one who under went a radical double mastectomy and multiple reconstructive surgeries,  I can attest that the process is scary, largely unpredictable, or uncertain at best.  And results can be both disappointing, and radically self altering.  While aesthetics do not take center stage when fighting for one’s life, I can attest that true reconstruction after cancer, treatment, and surgeries is an inside job.

Wherever you are on your own cancer journey, you deserve to be supported and empowered.   I can help you to reclaim your life as you move through the process of fighting back, to grief, to reconstruction of a stronger you, from within.