Broken heart and broken dreams. The aftermath of leaving, as hard as the pain of staying. Your friends and family don't understand. Distracted, devastated, demoralized.  Compulsive texting, imagining the worst, feeling abandoned, waiting, obsessing, can't breathe... You don't want to hurt anymore. Fear, shame, and stigma hold you hostage - keeping you in endless bondage to a "love" that has made you its slave.


There are few more painful life chapters to move through than separation or divorce.  Once difficulties have reached an intolerable level, many are left feeling they have little choice but to part ways.  The tsunami of emotion that can begin to take over people's good sense, common decency, or ability to be constructive in some basic ways, can include:  betrayal, confusion, fear, contempt, anger or rage, and so much grief.  It is not something you planned for.  But once it is upon you, therapy can help you cope with the pain and overwhelm in the most healing and constructive ways possible.


Observing the ways intimacy and connection have been unhealthy or out of control in your life at first can be overwhelming.   And fear of having nothing or no one, can make it hard to reach for help in this area of your life.  But I want to assure you that healthy intimacy and love free of bondage is worth facing your fears.   As you begin to heal from underlying issues of trauma, unmet dependency needs, or learned self-abandonment, toxic love and other dysfunctional relationships will no longer hold you hostage.  Reconnected with the truest you - your authentic self -you will bring both compassion and healthy boundaries to all connections you allow into your life.


Self abandonment - A shell. A role. Pleasing. Appeasing. Keeping "the peace".  Maintaining the image. Care-taking til it hurts. Knowing and caring more about what others think, than what you think. Compulsively trying to fix or help others but never truly feeling whole or at ease with yourself. Weighed down by a pile of hurts, as old wounds are reopened again and again. Watching life pass you by. Knowing how to fake a smile. Expert on others likes and dislikes, but you no longer know who you really are.


Accepting you as you are, I show you how to tap into your inner strength to overcome destructive patterns of codependency, relational conflict, self-abandonment, or love addiction. As I help you develop tools to reconnect within, an inspired new way of living will naturally emerge.

I get how hard it is to reach for help when life in whatever ways is unmanageable. I know what it is to feel afraid, overwhelmed, and without hope. You don't have to deal with it all on your own any longer.

I have helped facilitate the process of growth and healing for clients, both young and old, who struggled with grief, loss, anxiety and transitions, just like you. I have witnessed the tenacity of the human spirit and have helped hundreds of families to live well and free of affliction. I can help you, too.  Call or Text today.